The way I define MADE is Manifesting Art and Delivering Energy.  I have been an artist all my life and in following that gift I’m blessed to have found a rewarding career in makeup artistry.  Over the past 7 years in this profession I’ve been honored to provide both beautiful makeup and experience the truest kind of human exchange with my clients.  During a consultation or application I manifest art in connecting with my clients and in that experience is what I like to define as delivering energy.  Believing in myself and my quality of service, I decided to branch off from beauty retail and offer my services for women and men who appreciate professionalism and passion.  I like to have fun with my clients and when there’s a larger party to cater to, my team helps to keep the good times rolling.  In developing MADE into a full service brand it was important to offer services that appealed to the general public.  Being based in New York City, the general public has countless needs for professional makeup artistry to look our best in what we do, how we do it and who we do it with.   Whether a new job, bride to be, promotional shoot, or live performance, MADE by Dominique Jenelle will confidently fulfill the job by definition.  

Until we meet…

Peace & Positivity,

Dominique Jenelle